(వామన గుంటలు)

వామన గుంటలు
is a traditional ancient  indoor game played  by two people in South India . Later the games were spread to other States  and Countries like Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Kerala, Sri Lanka and Malaysia. Variants are called as Ali guli mane (in Kannada) Vamanaguntalu 
(in Telugu) and Kuzhipara (in Malayalam).


A game like వామన గుంటలు involves fast addition and multiplication. It is a strategic game with skillful moves and memory about the position and number of coins kept in the opponent’s pit. Game board has 14 pits.The pits contain  shells, seeds or small pebbles .
Enhances coordination, memory, observation skills, maths and motor skills.
Board games are played to improve memory, counting skills and hone one’s strategy. For children weak in mathematics and lacking concentration, Aliguli Mane (Mancala) is a traditional antidote.




వామన గుంటలు

 is much more than a game of beads or seeds masquerading as money being placed in pits but a strategic game of planning that ends with the winners with the maximum number of beads while the loser.

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